Pro Tour

I forgot how cold it can be in Warwick in June, lucky I bought my ‘Long Johns’!

200 karters made the trek to Sandy Creek to enjoy our track, and partake of the ‘cool, crisp air’ and the top class facilities at Sandy Creek. With a little bit of shuffling, and cajoling we managed to squeeze everybody in, despite the fact that many rolled up with impressive ‘rigs’—- I’m sure that some were worth than my house!

Once again, many thanks to all the Volunteers who made such an event possible. Mind you, at one stage, folks said to me ‘How will we find you?’ To that, my response was ‘just look for the bloke with half his hair torn out!’

We had a few little problems during the meet, and considering the large numbers, the issues were minor! I did discover that you don’t need a Uni degree to unblock a toilet, just a mop! The new sunshade cover on the Grandstand was appreciated by the large number of spectators using it. The new fencing around the engine start up area seemed effective in containing some of the noise, and when the fencing is complete, it should help contain both the noise, and the detritus that seems to be deposited by the “Rubbish Pixies” after each meet!

Apparently, we had representatives of Wheels magazine present during the event, so keep your eye out for a possible feature article in a few months.  I gather they were ‘blown away’ by the sheer size of the meeting, and the presentation of the track!  Any profile positives we can garner from them will be a plus for the sport!

Two new  Junior classes were making their debut at this round of the Protour—- Mini Max and Micro Max. Some thought that they had too much power! My observations of the racing don’t agree with that view, some younger drivers would have struggled no matter what they were driving!

Perhaps it was just me, or did anyone else find the racing rather “predictable”! Timed qualifying and every kart being fitted with a camera does prevent some of the “suicide” moves of the past years. From what I hear, quite a few penalties were handed out nonetheless! I’m still impressed with the sound of a full field of DD2 Karts doing their best to get to the front! Damn quick!

Our next meet is a Club meet with the appropriate Feature Class! The Vintage boys would like to join us and bring back memories for some, as they do their ‘Demos’!


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