The AGM for WKC was held at Sandy Creek on Saturday the 5th of September at the Sandy Creek Track. A good number of Club Members attended, and it is encouraging to see ‘new blood’ volunteer to be on the Executive, welcome Steve Lamb as Vice President! [ Contact for Steve Lamb is 0428 423 976].

Michael Plant will still be actively involved in the club as he wants to pursue raising the club profile via Facebook and taking more control of the Club web site. The other Executive positions remain as before——– no one wanted my job, even after I offered to give them my first born!

Other pertinent issues arising from the AGM are:

  • We are leaving Single Memberships at $75.00
  • Family Memberships are going up to $110.00 [we haven’t raised our Club fees for many years!]
  • Race Fees are also staying as is.
  • The club is financially solvent with no debt.
  • The Executive has more projects in mind, as funds become available,—– we have just had more Pit bay slabs poured to enable karters to NOT have to pit on the dirt![ Please be mindful that some concrete Pit bays have been paid for by current members,—– if in doubt– ASK!]

As usual, the weather for Race day was sunny and mild, for the 50+ karters who made the trek ‘over the hill’! Considering it was Fathers Day, and there were some concurrent large kart meetings happening elsewhere, I guess we did OK. Everyone seemed to have a good time!
My new Starter was on the ’Warpath’, so read your Rule Book about Starts!

Please encourage as many Juniors to attend the Queensland Junior Top Guns Meeting on the 26th and 27th of September, as there is in excess of $15.000. 00 of prizes to “GIVE AWAY”—- NOT RAFFLED—- GIVE AWAY!  This includes chassis, motor, tyres, TV, and many more “goodies”!

There will be a Working Bee this weekend –the 12th September. There is always plenty to do, so if you can’t make it for this weekend, phone Peter Lane, and I’m sure he will be able to allocate some tasks that need attention.

See you at the next Race Meet! We ALWAYS need souls to help run the Race Meetings, so if you can spare even half a day, it still helps!

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