August Meet

74 Karters presented for our August meeting, in addition to 12 brave Vintage souls in their rapid and ‘naked’ looking karts! As one of the old brigade pointed out, perhaps we are fooling ourselves if we think some plastic is going to result in less pain if there is ‘contact of karts’!

As usual, the weather was glorious and sunny, even if a bit chilly early in the morning!

From those who had not been to Sandy Creek for some time, there was nothing but praise for how well presented the track was, and the improvements to the facilities, over the recent past! To all those who put in the time and effort, well done!
To the Volunteers who help to run the meetings, Thank you!  

The meeting ran smoothly, and there was only one ‘red light’ incident, and considering how close the racing was in most classes, I see this as a positive. The new Starter was on the warpath, and handed out 2 ‘pink slips’ for blatant Starting Infringements!  [A 10 second Penalty tends to make it difficult to get to the ‘pointy end’ at the end of the days racing!]  Please, read the Rule Book about the ‘new’ Starting rules!

Some of our members made news in  the Local Paper,—– always a good thing to raise the profile of the sport! I’m sure that not many locals even know about how ‘professional’ our facility is!

The AGM will be held at our September Club meeting, on September the 5th at 5.00 pm. There is a download here on our website for nominations. I think that it is necessary for more Club members to become involved in running the Club.                               I ain’t getting any younger, and we need to start mentoring younger members to ‘take over’!

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