February Meet Summary

The  first meeting of the New Year at Sandy Creek was an encouraging success; as usual, the weather was bright, sunny and a little ‘warm’ for Race Day!

96 souls made the trek over the mountain to once again enjoy  Sandy Creek Raceway; the grounds looked absolutely ‘schmick’.  Peter, Michael, Shane, Daniel and Nick have put in a sterling effort, as usual, leading up to this weekend!

We had a request from William Yarwood to run a round of  a J Max Series for this year; unfortunately, as nobody had stepped up to organize the Supp Regs in time for this, it was decided that we would run J Max as a ‘feature’ class, with the same format as last year’s  J max Series. Thankfully, EVERYONE in that class agreed, and consequently, the field of 22 karters were able to showcase their skills,[or otherwise]!

We will attempt to make a different class a ‘feature class’ for each meet as the year progresses, unless of course, some one has a better idea! If so ,let me know, and we will discuss it to see if it is practical! Now that we have complied with the requests for track safety from last year’s Track Inspector, I am confident that we will be able to run in a ‘clockwise’ direction as well!

The Queensland Sportsmans  Classes were well supported, and some had the new KA motors out for a ‘skid’, they seem to be ‘quick’! One ‘Senior’ karter, who shall remain nameless, discovered that if you don’t ‘tune’ these new motors  for rollup laps, the plug gets ‘fouled’, and then they aren’t very ‘quick’ at all! There was some close and entertaining racing in all classes, especially in Sportsman Light, as Daniel Plant has moved up to that class, and kept Shane Roberts on his toes!

It is very encouraging to see bigger fields of Cadet 9 and Cadet 12 karters racing at Sandy Creek, as I believe that the club philosophy of making people feel  they can come to the track and not feel there are Sheep Stations at stake every time they go on the track is a factor in this. We have been deliberate in this action, for example, if there is no qualifying, ALL heats count. It is our feeling that perhaps this removes some of the more extreme driving, [or should that be ‘diving’] in overtaking! The new rules on overtaking should make it less contentious on who ‘owns’ the corner!  Read the rule book before coming in to the pits hot under the collar about an overtaking issue on the track, is probably sound advice!

There is a finite amount of electricity consumption that our current system can cope with; and if every one plugs in air conditioners, plasma TVs, Nintendos, Fridges etc, the system crashes, and without power, the Race meeting comes to a’ screaming ‘halt! This means reloading the race computer data, and lots of ‘thumb twiddling’ by all, until we can restart racing. This seems to be an issue more of the time, and unless people are more considerate, we will be forced to lock all the power boxes!

It is a reward for those few who put in all the effort, to see so many karters and their supporters, come and enjoy the facilities at the club, and I believe that this year will be even ‘bigger and better’ than the last year!

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