May Meet Recap

Glorious weather; bright, sunny and just the right side of ‘nippy’ greeted the 110 souls who made the trek over the mountain to be at Sandy Creek for our May meeting. We were expecting a good turn out and it seems others had the same idea!

We offered Rotax Light and Rotax Heavy as a promotion for Protour in June, I was amazed that only 3 showed up. Never mind, Peter assures me we will have quite a few this coming weekend to practice; more ‘grist to the mill’ as the saying goes. The other class that is still ‘finding their feet’ is Junior Clubman; we will offer this class again in the hope that it will be supported in greater numbers in future. I must admit it is a little disappointing for those Karters who do turn up, and due to lack of numbers get ‘amalgamated’ into other Classes. So, drivers, if you want to race in this class, talk to the others and see if you can get enough between you to make a class.

My apologies to everyone for last weekend, I was not well and went AWOL for a few hours on Sunday. Of course, while I was communing with the insides of my eyelids, we had 3 RED Light incidents. I gather It was handled professionally, and the event was not too compromised! High fives to everyone!

There was some excellent close racing in many Classes, but the highlight of the day for me was Daniel Plant. He started rear of grid after a ‘malfunction’ with his Transponder, yet managed to win the final in Qld Sportsman Light. Even Shane Roberts could not deny him his well deserved victory!

I had to have ‘words’ with a few classes about their apparent lack of understanding of what is required of drivers at the Start. READ THE RULE BOOK! One Senior driver made a complete ‘hash’ of TWO consecutive starts, I need say no more, as his friends will have enough ‘ammunition’ for the rest of the year to denigrate his efforts!

My thanks to all the volunteers who help at race meetings. I am pleased that more have offered to help out at Protour. This event should be a boost to the clubs funds, and allows us to keep improving the facilities at the club—- Bitumen in front of the canteen, and the ‘Dummy’ grid! Soon we should have the ability to pick up stranded/broken Karts from the track, as Peter has organized some trailers and a Quadbike for this purpose! We hope to keep the projects going, so if you can help out contact Peter Lane or Michael Plant! They will be more than grateful for any assistance! As I’ve said before, the Club is the MEMBERS, the rest is infrastructure!

We will be able to utilize the Sandy Creek Pub grounds for ‘Overspill’ camping, many thanks to Gary at the Pub!

Will we see you at Protour?   Remember, we ALWAYS need ‘Bodies’ to help out

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