November Meet & Xmas Event Details 2015

Anyone seen my boat? I’m sure it floated away on Saturday afternoon! Will Yarwood provided some ‘entertainment’ as he showed how to control a kart in the inclement conditions.

The club meeting on Saturday night was well attended by the Club members, and it was an opportunity to inform members of  issues that the club will need to address in the near future. The immediate issue is the fact that someone has made a complaint to the Council about our ‘incomplete’ hedge at the front of the track. After some discussion, it was decided that the simplest, cheapest option was to replant the hedge and see if the weather over the next few years will be kinder to us than the past drought and then floods!

Most of the ‘projects’ that the current Executive proposed have been completed, and there was a chance at the Club meeting to do some ‘Pie in the Sky’ future ideas discussion! Lights to do some night meets? Upgrade the power supply to enable this? Demolish the demountable Toilet/shower block and extend the excellent ablutions block we presently have? A new Canteen?

We have decided to put aside $5.00 from future race entries to help defray the cost of the QLD Junior Top Guns 2016, even if this year’s event broke even, although we ‘GAVE AWAY’ in excess of $15.000.00 worth of ‘goodies’! The Club is financially stable with NO debt, and with good management, and the prospect of some larger meets in 2016, there should be funds to complete projects to further improve the facility!

It would appear that WKC will be hosting a round of Protour in February 2016. This will entail quite an amount of organizing and support from club members, as the ‘thing’ we always run out of is ‘bodies’ to help us run the meeting. It seems a little churlish for club members to expect the SAME folks to do all the work ALL the time. The Club IS the members, so put your hand up and help out,— even if it is  for ONE day during the multiple day events!

There is also a possibility that we are in contention to host a round of the Nationals later in 2016 as well. Once again, this will entail a huge amount of work!

On a slightly different tack, if anyone has an issue about the club, new ideas, or the way things are progressing, please approach one of the Executive, and let your views be known. It is YOUR club and Executives come and go!

Social Media may seem like a good place to pass comment on Karting, other Clubs, personal perceptions about some situations and the like! May I again reiterate, what seemed like a good idea today, upon reflection, may NOT seem so clever tomorrow! However, once posted, these things take on a ‘life of their own’, as people repost, ‘like’, or ‘dislike’ items, and even if the original post is removed very shortly afterwards, by then it is TOO LATE to retract it totally! So with this in mind, think VERY carefully BEFORE you post items on Facebook, for example!

Race day was the usual Warwick weather, sunny and quite warm for the 100 plus souls who participated in the ‘Cook-ta-Books’ day! There was some very close, exciting racing in most classes, especially in Qld Sportsman Light. Daniel Plant needed all his skill and commitment to hold out the rest of the field in the final! Some of the starts early in the day were a shambles, and many should consider themselves fortunate they did not get penalised. Luckily, things improved as the day wore on, so we shall put the inconsistencies down to first race ‘nerves’. Qld Sportsman Super Heavy was on offer at the meeting, and was well supported by the ‘gentlemen of stature’! At least it gave them the chance to mix it with a field of equals, instead of facing a ‘run at the back’, whilst all the rest of the Heavy field disappeared into the distance!

Once again, I was reminded what a thankless task being an Official can be at times! A parent challenged me about our intolerance of ‘contact of karts’ at Sandy Creek. He intimated that I gave a good speech at drivers brief, yet failed to take action when his offspring was being ‘belted to kingdom come’ by another driver, according to his version of events. We, as officials, are expected to ‘see’ ALL of the track, ALL of the time! Unless I have 4 more sets of eyes transplanted round my head, this is not going to happen! When I pointed out to this particular parent, that he had the right to lodge an appeal, his response was ‘why should I put up my money, it’s your job’? Put on a vest, sign on, and see how easy it is to watch ALL the track, ALL of the time!

Show some respect for your fellow competitors, give each other racing room, read the rule book about passing, and don’t confuse ambition with ability!

Trish Roberts has kindly offered to host our Xmas function at the function rooms which used to be part of the Jackie Howe Motel. Proceedings will commence around 6.30 pm on the Saturday night after our December meeting. The tradition of cooking  your  Brontosaurus/Pterodactyl on the Grill will be upheld at this event,  may I suggest that you let Trish know by the Thursday prior, if you intend being there!

My thanks to all those who helped out this year to enable WKC to achieve all the successes of 2015. Have a safe Festive season, and we will see you all at the December meet and Xmas presentation!


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