Practice Info

YOU MUST FIRST PHONE at least 48 hours prior to practice to make arrangements.

Luke O’Dea on 0422 295 652

or Nicole Brown on 0402 984 274

It is important you understand the rules for track practice on non-race days.

  • The AKA policy as dictated by their insurers (SLE) insists that at least two senior club members be present at any non-race day practice and that AKA rules, for example no senior and juniors on the track at the same time, are adhered to.
  • These two senior members become responsible for all that transpires at the track on that day.

 To ensure that the rules are followed we have installed live video cameras to monitor all activity at the track.

So be warned, any transgressions will be recorded and appropriate action will be taken.

Practice Times

Track will be available for practice between the hours of 9.00am to 4.00pm

Practice Fees

Weekends (Race and Non Race)
$10 for members
$30 for non-members
$20 for members
$40 for non-members

Proof of WKC membership must be shown, Club Membership for year $100.00 Single or $150.00 Family

A Valid AKA licence must be shown in order to practice


Camping is allowed at the track on race weekends and other times by prior arrangement.

Camping Fees are $10 per site per night.

Please be aware that there is a noise curfew of 10pm every night to respect our neighbours.

Practice and Camping Fees to be paid in Cash at all times!

General meetings held at the end of practice on race meeting weekends as per Committee Correspondence, in the Club Room at 5.00pm. All club members are encouraged to attend.

Remember if you don’t attend you will have no input into decisions that affect your club.

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