Round 1 Wrap Up 18th February 2018

Our 2018 season has begun! This past weekend saw 56 karters come over the hill for our Race meet. The weather turned it on for us and it was much cooler than our first meet last year!
Results were as follows:
Cadet 9
1st: Jackson Cooper
2nd: Jake Santin
3rd: James Cittolin
Cadet 9 P
1st: Basilio Micale
2nd: Ewan Oliver
3rd: Toby Musico
TaG 125 Light
1st: Nic Lane
2nd: Ronald Harders
3rd: Zachary Walvin
TaG 125 Restricted Light
1st: Lachlan Palmer
2nd: Robert Mortensen
3rd: Trent Forbes
TaG 125 Restricted Medium
1st: Mark Keilar
2nd: Barrie Mendelson
3rd: Craig Holmwood
4SS Senior
1st: Chad McNamara
KA4 Junior Light
1st: Blake Lockett
2nd: Kyle Evans
3rd: Codey Collins
4SS Junior
1st: Cooper Walvin
2nd: Jordan McNamara
Cadet 12
1st: Ethan Feather
2nd: Marcus Watson
3rd: Sebastion Tupackovski
Cadet 12 P
1st: Cohen Day
2nd: Riley Newing
KA3 Junior
1st: Tommy Cooper
2nd: Kyle Evans
3rd: Aaron Williams
Great racing by all the competitors!
Also, big thanks go out to the officials for the weekend, and a big thanks to all our volunteers.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for taking photos at the presentation. Check out his Facebook page for photos at

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