Round 2 Wrap Up 11th March 2018

The numbers weren’t there for us this past weekend but a big thanks to those who made the effort to come up over the hill and race. Saturday had us thinking it could be showers Sunday but it turned out to be a fantastic day for racing. With the small numbers we were able to increase the number of laps for racers. This was met with cheers at Drivers Briefing from all except the Masters Class! It was great to see some entertaining racing from our Masters for the first round of this Class at Warwick. We look forward to numbers picking up as the year goes on.
Results were as follows:
Cadet 9
1st: Jordan Sell
Jordan was the only non P driver and won the overall day with some great racing.
Cadet 9 P
1st: Sebastian Bennett
2nd: Ewan Oliver
3rd: Toby Musico
KA3 Junior
1st: Aaron Williams
KA4 Junior Light
1st: Codey Collins
2nd: Ursula Evans
3rd: Harrison Lyne
Cadet 12
1st: Jack Wells
2nd: Sebastian Tupackovski
3rd: Marcus Watson
Cadet 12 P
1st: Riley Newing
TaG 125 Light
1st: Nic Lane
2nd: Ronald Harders
3rd: Zachary Walvin
TaG 125 Restricted Light
1st: Lachlan Palmer
2nd: Robert Mortensen
3rd: Trent Forbes
TaG 125 Restricted Medium
1st: Jackson Bermingham
2nd: Rudy Farkas
3rd: Tony Hardacre
TaG 125 Restricted Masters
1st: Terry Grant
2nd: Barrie Mendelson
3rd: Mark Keilar
Great racing by all the competitors!
Also, big thanks go out to the officials for the weekend, and a big thanks to all our volunteers.
Our next meet is being held on the 13th May.
Our Junior Top Guns will be held on the 14th and 15th July, entries will be open soon!
If anyone is interested in helping out at the race meet for Championship Qualification points please contact Fiona Williams at
Also a big thanks to Lee-Anne at Karting Photography and Mike Focal Lengths for the great pics of the weekend! Check out their photos below.

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