Weekend Wrap Up Junior Top Guns 2017

Well we have just completed our annual Junior Top Guns Meet for 2017 and there was some amazing racing performed by all competitors over all classes! We had 78 junior drivers from near and far make the trip to our Friendly place to Race!

A big thanks has to go out to all our sponsors below:

Event Sponsors:

KAOS Karting – DPE Arrow (Junior Chassis)
Project X Racing – JC Karts (Cadet Chassis)
Paul Feeney Group – Vortex (Minirok engine)
SP Tools (Socket set for each class)
Warwick Industrial Supplies (Bolt grab kit for each class)
Paul Feeney Group – Bridgestone (Tyres for all Cadets classes and KA4 classes)
Alf Capri Engines (Tyres for KA3 class)
Power Republic (Top end engine rebuild)
RJays Helmets (Helmet)
Rosche Paper –Visper (Multipurpose Hand and workshop wipes for each class)
Class Sponsors:
Ezystone Benchtops – KA4
Brodrick Transport – Cadet 9
Ken O’Dea Floorcoverings – Cadet 12
Redgewell Trophies – KA3
Ezystone Benchtops – Cadet 12 P
Electro Industries – Cadet 9 P

We were fortunate enough to have over $16500 in prizes to give away!
Prize Winners for classes and random draws are listed below:
Cadet 9P Tyres – Dean Silcock, Socket Set – Lily Simpson, Bolt Kit – Maggie Chant, Roche Paper – Luke Rinaldi.
Cadet 9 Tyres – Brendan Martin, Socket Set – Jordan Sell, Bolt Kit – Max Walton, Roche Paper – Jackson Cooper, Molecule Pack – Luke Bliesner, Sweet Tune 1hr Dyno – Keyden Thompson
Cadet 12P Socket Set – Ryan Silcock, Bolt Kit – Ryan Silcock
Cadet 12 Tyres – Jayden O’Dea, Socket Set – Harrison Vidler, Bolt Kit – Isaak Bliesner, Roche Paper – Assunta Attard, Molecule Pack – Ethan Feather, Sweet Tune 1hr Dyno – Harrison Vidler, Drive of the Day (Tyres) – Riley Hotter
KA4 Tyres – Luke Pink, Socket Set – David Galvin, Bolt Kit – Brody Nunn, Roche Paper – Blake Lockett, Molecule Pack – Tahnee Blair, Sweet Tune 1hr Dyno – Kyle Evans
KA3 Tyres – Georgia Boegheim, Socket Set – Luke Smith, Bolt Kit – Connor Roberts, Roche Paper – Jack Hotter, Molecule Pack – Jared Boys

JC Kart Cadet Chassis – Hayden Sell
Arrow X4 Junior Kart Chassis – Kurtis Tennant
Vortex Minirok Motor – Kye Suffolk
Power Republic Engine Rebuild – Bailey Leeson
SP Tools Socket Set – Harrison Stock
SP Tools Socket Set – Dean Silcock
RJays Helmet – Ryan Newton
Bolt Grab Kit – Zane Rinaldi
Bolt Grab Kit – Ursula Evans
Bolt Grab Kit – Beau Bromhead
Visper Paper – Luke Rinaldi
Visper Paper – Tahnee Blair
Visper Paper – Cody Collins
Visper Paper – Jack Porter
Visper Paper – Jayden O’Dea
Molecule Cleaning Kit – Blake Lockett
Molecule Cleaning Kit – Jack Hotter
Molecule Cleaning Kit – Jaxon Burns
Molecule Cleaning Kit – Lachlan Platten

There was some great competition on track with 2 track records broken.

Results were as follows:
Cadet 12P
1st: Ryan Silcock

Cadet 9P
1st: Maggie Chant
2nd: Dean Silcock
3rd: Lily Simpson
4th: Luke Rinaldi

Cadet 9
1st: Beau Bromhead
2nd: Kayden Thompson
3rd: Max James
4th: Michael Janusz
5th: Jackson Cooper

KA3 Junior
1st: Jack Hotter
2nd: Zayd Tones
3rd: Tommy Cooper
4th: Connor Roberts
5th: Harrison Stock

Junior Performance
1st: Leorra Devisser

Cadet 12
1st: Ethan Feather
2nd: Harrison Lyne
3rd: Rusty Ross
4th: Riley Hotter
5th: Sebastian Tupackovski
KA4 Junior Light
1st: Ryan Newton
2nd: Kurtis Tennant
3rd: Blake Lockett
4th: Annabelle Rolfo
5th: Byron Phillips

Well done to all the competitors!

Also, a big thanks goes out to the officials for the weekend, and a big thanks to all our volunteers, especially our senior club members who weren’t racing but came up to help anyway! Without you guys we wouldn’t have our meets.

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