First Round Abandonment Due to Heat

Hi all, please see the below email from Peter Lane, Warwick Kart Club President:

Hi All Competitors,

On Sunday 12 February 2017, Warwick Kart Club were informed by the Officials of the day that the race meet was to be abandoned due to the extreme hot weather. Whilst this decision affected everyone at the race meet, I want to assure everyone that the decision was not made lightly. The Officials liaised with Medical, Club representatives and all officials present at the race meet. Unfortunately I was not present at the race meet as I was attending a family wedding in Dubbo NSW.

I would like to publicly support the decision made by the Officials and commend them in their actions. They, as well as the Warwick Kart Club, have a duty of care towards all persons present at the event to ensure safety and common sense. I think that the majority of competitors that were in attendance would agree with the decision as the temperature was well above 45 degrees and the track temperature well above 70 degrees.

This now leads to the reason that I am contacting you. Under Chapter 1 Rule 25 (c) all Entry Fees must be returned to the competitor if 50% of the meeting was not achieved and no result could be declared. This was the case at this race meet. Warwick Kart Club will offer all competitors of this race meet (12/2/17) a full refund of all entry fees. Karting Australia and Karting Queensland have agreed to waive the driver levy for all drivers that attended this race meeting, but Warwick Kart Club have still lost as a result of the decision to abandon the race meeting. This decision will still have an impact in the club as we have paid for all officials to attend, purchased hundreds of bottles of water and ice for the competitors and spectators, so be assured that the decision to abandon the race mate was not made lightly.

As I see it, the competitor has two options.

Option 1: Have his/her entry fee refunded and transferred to their chosen bank account.
Option 2: Have a free entry (Voucher) into a like event (standard Club Champ meet) at Warwick Kart Club in the future.

Could you please respond via e mail as to which Option would best suit you. Bear in mind that if you choose option 1, then you will also have to include Bank account details and give us suitable time to transfer the monies into your account. We are a volunteer organisation and a lot of this work will be undertaken by two people who also run very busy businesses. If you choose option 2, then we will forward you an e mail that you will be able to present, on the day, to the nominations clerk (no pre entries). This e mail will allow you to enter one race meet only at no cost. Basically a FREE ENTRY.

Thinking ahead, this decision could also raise an issue at the end of the year with the calculations of the Club Class Champions. I will explain. If you are a Warwick Kart Club member and you chose to attend the race meet on 12/2/17 you should be entitled to gain Club Championship points. It would be unfair to those members that did attend to have no points issued as a result of the abandoned meet. If this was done then you would be equal on points with those members that did not attend. It is with this mind that the Executive Committee have decided that 10 points shall be awarded to all members that did attend this race meet.

I need a response from you before 24 February 2017, as all transfers will be done after that time in one lot. From a club perspective, the best option for us would be a FREE ENTRY voucher. Please take the time to consider which option would suit you best and advise me ASAP. Please reply to

Yours in Karting

Peter Lane
Warwick Kart Club
Mob: 0418 740 021

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