Club Round 5

September 11, 2021
-- September 11, 2021

Sprint RACING,

Long Track


WKC Double Header - Day 1

Unprecedented times has forced us to adapt and change. So, welcome to September's special double header race weekend. Featuring Warwick Kart Club's round 5 club championship sprint racing on the Saturday. Followed by round 6 of the club championship in reverse direction on the Sunday. This one is going to be fun!

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Lock-downs and restrictions have resulted in the Warwick Kart Club having to reschedule a club round. As the Queensland racing calendar is quite full for the remainder of the year we’ve decided to run two club championship rounds across the one weekend.

Round 5 on Saturday 11 Sept 2021 and round 6 on Sunday 12 Sept 2021.

We’re calling it the double header. Plus to keep it fun and interesting, we’re reversing the direction for Sunday’s round 6!

Note each event remains a club championship round and as such you will still need to nominate for each separately. Click here to view Sunday’s round 6 details.

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